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Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) Plans

Choosing the best SEO plan for your website is vital for your website’s performance. The decision is effected by the question “What you want from your website?” If you know the answer you can get the best SEO service in the industry. At NetCraftIndia we have different plans for different needs; even we believe that each website’s need is different so each website needs a custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. We have plans for Top 10 ranking in search engine result page (SERP), lead generation SEO plans, traffic generation SEO plans.

You can imagine a website targeting a local area visitors like Delhi, Mumbai etc. must have less competition then a website which is trying to attract visitors worldwide or visitors from whole India. The is the geographical of competition but also you need to know that a website which is targeting a special interest visitors like travel, insurance, pharmacy etc are supposed to have huge competition.
At NetCraftIndia we have professionals with years of experience and understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and with the experience we have developed two different SEO plans to fulfill your needs. These SEO plans are designed to deal with different level of complexity and competitions effectively. These SEO plans depend on the size of website (complexity) and the competition on the targeted keywords in regards of geographical target as well. These SEO services plans are listed below:-

Business SEO Plans

Business SEO service is for medium level of websites which having low or medium level of competition. A medium level competition websites having keywords which faces less competition and generate less results in search engine result page.

Enterprises SEO Plans

Enterprises SEO service is for big websites with high competition keywords. Enterprises SEO service includes SEO strategies, Special Attention, Competition Analysis and advance SEO techniques to achieve the top rank for your website in search engines. Enterprises websites are generally dynamic websites with more then 150 pages.
Standard SEO Plan
Blogs Management
Blogging is evolved as one of the major lucrative business in the world of internet.
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Directory submission
Directory submission is one of the first steps toward effective SEO campaign.
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